Nokia Employees In China Protest Against Microsoft

banned on state computers, while the government is investigating the technology titan for possible antitrust violation. Another concern has been added to the mix, as hundreds of Chinese employees at a Nokia factory have started protests against Microsoft. The demonstration has been going on for well over five hours now, with factory workers protesting against the layoffs that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently announced. Employees, the above report says, are waving banners and chanting against the technology titan, with many screaming until their throats were sore. Protestors are afraid that they could lose their jobs after Redmond announced that no less than 18,000 employees will be fired in the coming months — with 12,500 of these impacting Nokia’s workforce that joined Microsoft after the acquisition was complete. Factory workers believe that Microsoft made a hostile takeover, and violently laid off employees. All employees that are to be let go are expected to get notifications within the next six months, but many are claiming that they have already heard the sad news from their managers. Oh well, another day in China.]]>

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