Nokia Initiates Worldwide Rollout Of Its Lumia Black Update, Folders Now A Reality

The day is finally here! It has been a fair while since Nokia announced the details of its Windows Phone 8 GDR3 (or Update 3) powered firmware Lumia Black. And now the update has started its global rollout.

Some users, however, have already had a taste of the goodness.

Nokia made the announcement recently on its blog, and while a few devices, particularly the Lumia 1520 launched with (or received) the update, the whole range of the compatible Lumia handsets around the world will soon able to deploy this latest firmware.

The Lumia Black update is based on the GDR3 update, but also includes plenty more Nokia tweaks.

A refreshed Glance Screen now allows users to not only view the time and date but several other notifications as well like WhatsApp and Facebook — all without turning on the phone’s screen. Social folks among you will really dig this new functionality, one can imagine.

Equally as notable a feature is the inclusion of Nokia Camera that unifies the company’s various photo applications into a single and comprehensive app.

One more feature that makes this a must-have update is App Folders. Finally!

Lumia owners will now be able to group their chosen apps inside folders on the Start Screen. This is one feature that Windows Phone users have been asking for quite some time now, and even though this option will not be available immediately after deploying the update, Nokia will offer more details soon.

In any case, great to see a much requested feature take care of, albeit not by Microsoft per se.

Finally there are a few other highlights of Lumia Black, many of which have already been detailed before. These include the Nokia Beamer, Bluetooth LE, improved imaging algorithms and everything Redmond packed into GDR 3 (or Update 3) for Windows Phone 8.

Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 users have already reported receiving update notifications, while the rest of the family should receive this new firmware in the coming weeks.

Availability will vary by region, of course, but if you have received the notification and installed the new version, let us know in the comments below. Good times are here to stay!

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