Nokia Lumia 2020, Codenamed Illusionist, Reported To Arrive By March 2014

The fate of Nokia’s first Windows RT tablet is yet to be decided. The slate just recently hit the market, and it will take a few weeks to a couple of months to truly and accurately gauge how it fared.

But that is not stopping the Finnish telecom titan to think about the future.

In fact, word is that the company has pegged the March 2014 timeframe to release its next slate. This new device is codenamed Illusionist, and is reportedly set to arrive on the store shelves as the Nokia Lumia 2020.

Nokia has already been rumored to be working on an 8-inch slate, powered by Windows RT 8.1. Earlier gossip on the matter suggested that the Illusionist was ready to show up at MWC 2014 — and this year’s Mobile World Congress is set to be held from February 24 to 27 in Barcelona.

When taken in this context, the late March date makes sense.

Additionally, it appears that Nokia is building this as a high-end device, meaning neither will it skimp on features, nor will this slate come cheap. Obviously, all this are just rumors for now, and we should have an idea on how authentic they are early next year.

Obviously, around that time we should also have an idea what Microsoft has in store with the Surface Mini. For the time being we do know that Redmond is preparing models with cellular connectivity.

Written by Sam Parassette

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