Nokia Lumia 620 comes to Thailand

While the United States is finding solid popularity in the Nokia Lumia 920, this is far from the only great Windows Phone 8 handset. One of the more “budget oriented” models that also is gaining traction as it launches across the globe is the Nokia Lumia 620.

With its attractive design, smaller size and reasonably powerful components (for a budget phone), its hard not to see why. Yesterday the phone launched in Thailand, costing Nokia Windows Phone fans just 8250 Baht ($275).

This is NOT a bad price for a phone off-contract with a dual-core processor. Personally I’d love to see these come to the United States as a carrier unlocked option for prepaid customers, I think Nokia would find quite a bit of success in that capacity.

So what kind of performance does the Nokia Lumia 620 actually bring to the table? You get a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 3.8-inch LCD display with 800×480 resolution, 8GB internal memory, microSD, 512MB of RAM, a 5MP camera and a 1300mAh battery.

Windows Phone 8 in the Developing World

What makes the Lumia 620 so important in developing markets is that it manages to start at a reasonably affordable price point without being stuck with Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has affirmed it will continue to support Windows Phone 7 for the developing world, but let’s face it: Windows Phone 8 is where it is at.

Converting popular regional Android apps is much easier/possible with Windows Phone 8 than it was with Windows Phone 7. The operating system also just seems faster and more fluid from my experiences with it compared to WP7.

What do you think of the Nokia Lumia 620? Do you think the 620 and other “budget” Windows Phone 8 handsets could continue to help Windows Phone grow in popularity in developing countries across the globe?

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