Nokia Lumia 710 for T-Mobile not getting Windows Phone 7.8?

A long long time ago, in a press announcement far away– Microsoft promised the world Windows Phone 7.8, after revealing that they could not offer an upgrade path to Windows Phone 8 due to major changes in the OS, namely the switch from a CE core to NT.

Fast-forwarding to today, Windows Phone 7.x users have certainly had a heck of a wait on their hands. The good news is that the wait finally came to an end for many users. Sure, some brands were left in the dark– like handsets from LG– but most of Microsoft’s OEM partners followed through and offered the upgrade to 7.8.

Unfortunately, its not always what the OEM and Microsoft wants that matters. Some carriers simply have decided to bypass the upgrade. From the sounds of it, T-Mobile might be one of these carriers.

Recently one user wondering about an upgrade for his Nokia Lumia 710 on T-Mobile decided to contact Nokia directly to see if the phone would in fact see the upgrade.

Here is what Nokia had to say about the matter:

…We understand that you want to confirm if the Windows Phone 7.8 [sic] will be available for Nokia Lumia 710 from T-Mobile. We are sorry to inform you that there are a small number of operators that have chosen not to offer the update to their users. It is important to recognize that this decision was made solely by the operator and these include the T-Mobile network in the United States.”

Sounds pretty cut and dry, the T-Mobile Nokia 710 (and likely any other WP7.8 handset on T-Mobile) is getting skipped, though keep in mind that it totally is out of Microsoft or Nokia’s hands.

That said, it might not be as cut and dry as it sounds. Why is that? Many other consumers have contacted T-Mobile in their local area about the issue. According to the carrier, they are in fact working to get the update out but just haven’t yet.

This means one of two things, either the carrier’s representatives are mixed up and aren’t sure (which is a real possibility) or Nokia’s rep didn’t have all the info, and just assumed that since the update hadn’t surfaced yet, T-Mobile was planning on skipping it.

Which is it? Your guess is as good as mine. For the moment, I’d simply wait it out but don’t get too excited. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if Nokia’s version of not getting the update is the correct outcome.

Do you own a Nokia Lumia 710 on the T-Mobile network? If so, will this news affect your relationship with T-Mobile to the point that you’ll consider jumping ship to a different carrier? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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