Nokia Lumia 920 for free with contract from Microsoft

The BYOD movement continues to gain traction, especially when it comes to using your work phone as your business phone. There are many great options out there for smartphones in the enterprise world, but Windows Phone devices tend to get overlooked in this space.

I have said time and time again that Windows Phone 8 is perfect for a business user for many reasons. First, Office and Windows integration. You are likely at an organization that already has Windows on all of its workstations, so why not choose the mobile platform that is most compatible with these devices?

Beyond that, there are plenty of features like encryption and other business security features that make Windows Phone 8 worth checking out. Need another reason to consider a Windows Phone 8 handset as your BYOD phone choice? Microsoft is now offering their flagship device, the Lumia 920, for FREE.

That’s right, instead of paying $99 to AT&T, Microsoft’s Store Website is offering the phone with a two-year contract for free. They also give you the choice between black, yellow and red.

More interested in what HTC has to offer? The HTC 8x 8GB version is also available through Microsoft’s store front for free. Unfortunately the 16GB version will still set you back $99 from AT&T and Microsoft both.
What do you think, willing to give Nokia’s Lumia 920 a try for $0 with a contract or not? Share your thoughts below.

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