Nokia Lumia 920 Set To Arrive On O2 UK

The flagship Lumia came to the United Kingdom last year as an EE (Everything Everywhere) exclusive, but word soon got out that the smartphone would soon be offered by other carriers as well.

As February neared, the device showed up both at Three and Vodafone, with the former making the Nokia Lumia 920 available for purchase while the latter offering it to customers for free on select plans.

Now WPCentral reports that another UK-based carrier, O2, has confirmed that it will be offering the Lumia 920 in the coming weeks.

The smart phone is now listed on the O2’s coming soon page with a February release date.

No further details on the exact launch date of the smartphone, but more details should definitely float up in the coming days as the launch nears. Pricing is another thing that is under wraps at the moment, but it is safe to assume that O2 will offer the smartphone for free on select plans.

The Lumia 920 remains Nokia’s flagship device, but rumors are that things are set to change at the end of the month as the Finnish company plans to reveal more handsets in the Lumia series.

Nokia is yet to confirm anything as of this writing, but at least one of these unannounced devices is expected to better the Lumia 920. We will know soon enough.

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