Nokia Lumia 920 Users Reporting Heating Issues

rebooting issues. There have also been some mentions of a syncing issue for some users. Is that it? Unfortunately, no. It seems that some users are now reporting that they are also experiencing major heat issues. While a search around the net will turn up quite a few results regarding this issue, here is just one originally posted on Nokia’s support forums:

Got my Cyan 920 on Friday. Immediately had overheating issue while syncing email during first setup. Got super hot at the top, battery drained very quickly. Of course, heat happens. Especially during extreme use, like running processor intensive applications. You could shrug the above statement off as simply a user not understanding that sometimes a phone will get quite hot, in fact, many forum members said the same.
In response, the same Lumia 920 owner said the following:
This is my 4th Windows Phone in the last year plus. In addition, I’ve used the iPhone 3Gs in the past, as well as the 4s and 5 and the SG3. NONE of these phones has EVER become NEARLY as hot as my Lumia 920 has in the two instances I mentioned, and that’s only 3 days of owning this phone. I mean it gets HOT, not just warm from running many CPU or GPS intensive apps.
This is far from the only reported heat issue with the Nokia Lumia 920. Right now there is no official response from Nokia, nor do we know if this is just an isolated issue or something present in a large number of 920s. Is this a deal-breaker? Probably not, after all Nokia builds quality products and has great customer service, so odds are they will respond quickly and work with users to make the situation right. Remember that the 3rd generation iPad had a similar issue with heat not too long ago. Do you own the Lumia 920? If so, have you had any overheating problems with the handset or not? [ source ]]]>

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