Lumia 920/Windows Phone 8: Unfair Android Comparison?

The Lumia 920 probably is the best camera on a phone ATM , but the HTC Inspire is like 2 years old, they should have used a newer phone for this video Why are u not using the latest android phones like htc one x+. It’s only a publicity stunt. So stop kidding

The phone used was my first android phone. It is a HTC Desire HD that is running Gingerbread. If they did a comparison between a lumnia vs s3 or nexus4 or droid dna. The camera on the android would be way better
 MS and Nokia, really! Comparing yourself to 2 year old technology of the company who changes faster than anyone? You just hit the new low!
Lol lol lol Well put that 920 against my s3 blow it out of the water
OK then, the moral of the story is:  Apples to Apples because your viewers know the difference.  Is this comparison fair?

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