Nokia Lumia 928 Shipping In Multiple Colors, But Is It Enough?

Recently we reported that Verizon Wireless looks set to finally get its own version of the Nokia Lumia 920, which is more than great news for the folks that were frustrated by the release of the phone solely to AT&T in the United States. Even better, the device is actually going to feature several improvements that warrant the Verizon version the name “Lumia 928”.

As previously indicated, that includes an aluminum body and improved camera. Is that all, though? While that’s the most significant changes making their way to the Lumia 928, we also now know that Microsoft and Nokia aren’t abandoning the idea of colorful handsets anytime soon either and it has now come to light that the phone will be getting four colors in all.

Usually when you hear “aluminum body” that means the phone is coming in gray and black, maybe white. True to Nokia’s recent form, color choices are a bit more exciting than that though: black, white, red and cyan. The news comes by way of iTechPost, which reports on a supposed snapshot leaked from Verizon’s internal inventory system.

Looking at the picture, you can see that while this wouldn’t exactly be that hard to fake, it does in fact fall in line with what we’ve seen from Verizon’s inventory system in other leaks in the past.

Again, besides the new colorful aluminum shell and camera improvements, the phone is largely staying the same for this refresh. That means it is still has a 4.5-inch screen, dual-core 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM and LTE support found in the AT&T version.

Is The Nokia Lumia 928 Enough?

It is great to see Verizon finally getting a higher-end Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset, but you have to wonder – is the Nokia Lumia 928 enough at this point? The Lumia 920’s hardware was never quad-core material, though it wasn’t a pushover either. Still, by the time that the 928 comes out, it will have been nearly a half year since the phone first debuted.

When the Nokia Lumia 920 was first unveiled, it was a solid dual-core in an Android world that was starting to see quite a few quad-core options. Now Android fans are starting to see octo-core configurations with 2GB of RAM, and you have to wonder how Windows Phone 8 fans are going to feel about that.

Ultimately, the Lumia 928 is looking great but it would be nice to see a quad-core Nokia Lumia 1000 (or whatever they want to call it) by the holiday season.

To be totally honest though, the dual-core Lumia 928 will still likely run just as well as many/most Android quad-core phones, if not better. Why is that? Optimization. Windows Phone 8 doesn’t have to worry about scaling and working with so many different kinds of processors and hardware.

As a result, Windows Phone handsets always seem to run about the same or better as many Android devices that are actually packing better hardware.

Of course that means a quad or 8-core Windows Phone 8 handset would totally blow the lid off of any Android handset, right? Maybe, but with the cost of licensing the OS and other factors, it would also be considerably more expensive – though perhaps a Microsoft-made Surface phone could prove the solution to that problem.

Anyhow, summing things up: The Nokia Lumia 928 might not have the most cutting-edge hardware on the market, but if you are a Nokia fan and a Verizon subscriber, there is still PLENTY to love here.

What do you think of the Nokia Lumia 928, based on what we know, excited or not?

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