Nokia Lumia 930 Officially Goes On Sale This Week

unveiled in early April during BUILD 2014. The smartphone has already started to emerge at carriers and retailers in several markets, including Europe, but now we have official confirmation that the Lumia 930 is set to land in Asia, Europe and the Middle East this week, and more countries in the very near future. This post on the Nokia Conversations blog talks about the audio capabilities of this device:

“It’s not just the lenses that make this possible, the addition of four high-performance omni-directional microphones and Rich Recording combine to capture real-to-life audio, so that the sounds you hear back are precisely how you heard them.”
Imaging and video recording is the strong suite of the Lumia 930, and it is capable of recording clips with high quality audio in Dolby Surround Sound, while offering the same rich capabilities during play back. The hardware specifications are quite in line with what you would expect. A 5-inch full HD screen with a 2.2GHz quad-core processor in an elegant aluminum frame and a polycarbonate back and sculpted glass deliver a premium feel and exceptional performance. Microsoft have further confirmed that the phone will be up for grabs with a street price of $599 before taxes and subsidies, in bright orange, bright green to go with black and white color options.]]>

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