Nokia Moneypenny Said To Be Nearing Launch As The Lumia 630 And Lumia 635

Not everyone fancies sets like this, but there is a significant market for dual SIM handsets. And when it comes to the Windows Phone platform, it may soon be getting its very own such smartphone.

Or smartphones, in this case, as Nokia gears up to launch its new devices, codenamed Moneypenny.

Sure, as far as codenames go, this is as colorful as one can get. But now we seem to have more details on the actual model numbers of this upcoming smartphone, courtesy of evleaks. The famous leaker of technology products has just shed more light on Moneypenny.

According to these new details, Nokia is planning to launch Moneypenny as the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635, depending on configuration and markets. One or both could offer dual SIM capabilities, but chances are only the latter will.

But this is something that is still unconfirmed as of right now.

The difference between both models could also come down to the hardware specifications like LTE support, maybe even more RAM and internal storage capacity with a little price premium.

Display or processing power are rarely affected in cases like these.

These are still early rumors for now, but we are getting ever closer to the Consumer Electronics Show (better known as the CES) 2014, and more details are pretty much a given before the event.

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