Nokia Music App Rebranded As Nokia MixRadio

When it comes to its apps and services, Nokia is no stranger to rebranding. The Finnish company already changed the names of a few of its apps over the years, even a Windows Phone application.

Recall the rebranding of the company’s App Highlights software into App Social back in August?

And now the company is at it again. Along with releasing a major update for its Nokia Music application for Lumia devices, Nokia has attached a new name to it — the application is now called Nokia MixRadio. The feature set and capabilities of the app remain the same, however.

But it just may be a sign of things to come.

Anyway, some new novelties are also added into the mix (pun always intended) with this new refresh. Users can now enjoy a Play Me function that comes as a personalized mix that is inspired by their unique music profiles and tastes.

There is also a thumbs up and thumbs down rating options to help refine the preferences.

The ability to share mixes with friends over Facebook, Twitter or email, even SMS is also on offer. And obviously, the new version fixes a bunch of bugs to bring around an even smoother usage experience.

And just like its predecessors, the Nokia MixRadio app is exclusive to Lumia devices.

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