Nokia Music+ For Lumia Devices Finally Arrives In The US

Lumia owners in the United States, rejoice! After (what seemed like) an eternity of waiting, Nokia has finally launched its Music+ premium service for US Lumia users.

Well it wasn’t an eternity of waiting — the service actually came to UK a few days back. The free Nokia Music service has already been available for a fair while now, but the company detailed its plans of launching a premium version for owners of its Windows Phone Lumia smartphones.

The going live was reported by Engadget, and the site notes that the music service can be used on multiple devices with a paid subscription starting at just $4 per month — $3.99 if you want to be brutally exact.

For this price you get unlimited download of songs, which can also be swapped between Lumia owners. Wi-Fi downloads are supported to conserve mobile data traffic. Unlimited skipping of tracks is in too.

Along with all the benefits of the plain vanilla Nokia Music service, the paid premium version offers users better sound quality and unlimited offline downloads. Oh, and Mix Radio skips are supported too, as is the ability to view lyrics of the songs playing.

To further sweeten the deal, a gig finder feature is thrown in, which enables users to find concerts and music performances nearby, based on a user’s location, obviously.

You can find the full gritty details can be found on Nokia’s website, but the company has also promised web-based access to Nokia Music+ along with plans for Windows 8 and Windows RT apps.

No word yet on when these apps will be available, but can’t be too far away. For now, enjoy the premium power, and let us know below if you are subscribing.

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