Nokia Normandy Sports A Metro Inspired UI In New Press Image

What is world, but a Modern UI? That seems to the thought process behind Nokia’s upcoming handset, as a new press render that just hit the web comes with a tile based interface.

Beneath it, however, it still runs a forked (read heavily modified) version of Android.

The slew of details released in the past few week or so have steadily increased the hype around this affordable device, which could potentially give way to a full Android powered lineup of Asha phones.

And now serial leaker evleaks has floated up a new image that shows the multiple colors Nokia Normandy will be available in once it hits the store shelves in the coming months. And as the press render shows, the UI very strongly resembles Microsoft’s very own Metro interface.

Few surprises here, keeping in mind the companies behind the hardware, Nokia and Microsoft.

Word is that this smartphone will hit the market on March 25 as the Asha 1045, though nothing has been confirmed in official capacity as of this writing.

Expect to hear more on this soon.

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