Nokia Planning More Exclusive Windows Phone Apps For Lumia Devices

It’s remarkable what some good wind can do to people. What it can do to companies is on another level altogether. It wasn’t all that long when people were predicting doom and gloom of the Finnish company, and here it is back with vengeance announcing new exclusives.

The company shared the news in a press release on its official website.

First up is the GoPro Windows Phone 8 app, which is designed to connect a Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone to a GoPro HERO3 or HERO2 camera using Wi-Fi. Lumia smartphones are also getting the Burton app, snowboarding fans should be well aware of what it offers.

JobLens is also coming to Windows Phone 8, designed to help those looking for employment. As Nokia states:

“The app will actively push recommended jobs based on a consumer’s profile and search history, allow people to pin jobs-based Live Tiles to their Start screen, share jobs with friends, and store resumes in SkyDrive.”

Foursquare is reportedly working on a Windows Phone app for all smartphones powered by Microsoft’s mobile operating system, but the company just announced that it is developing a special one for Lumia devices, which adds augmented reality feature for Nokia Lumia cameras.

And that’s not all, folks. The official Tumblr app is also set to arrive for all Windows Phone 8 smartphones offering the ability to quickly update a user’s Tumblr page. The app is said to include voice command integration and Live Tiles support for the Tumbler Dashboard feature.

The company also announced a new deal with Dreamworks Animation to bring exclusive entertainment apps to Lumia smartphones, and though details are sparse at the moment, Nokia did say:

“The cooperation will see Dreamworks developers use Nokia APIs to deliver rich, interactive entertainment experiences, exclusively for Nokia devices, starting from the second half of 2013.”

So there you have it, a whole slew of new stuff lined up for Lumia devices, destined to set them apart from other Windows 8 offerings available in the market. This is what you would call, growing from strength to strength.

Your thoughts on the matter? Speak your mind, particularly if you are a Lumia owner.

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