Nokia Plans To Support Each Lumia Smartphone For Up To 3 Years

Recent news reports have suggested that Microsoft will not offer more than 18 months of support for its Windows Phone 8. One and a half years is when Redmond hopes to release a successor to its mobile operating system.

But when it comes to enterprises, large and small, and pretty much most business users, this may be too small a window to received software updates smartphones.

Nokia, it appears, does not agree with this new strategy. The Finnish mobile phone giant appears committed to providing it users all sorts of software updates for far longer than that on their Lumia handsets.

The Smart Devices Chief over at Nokia, Jo Harlow, confirmed to SlashGear that the company would support each smartphone for at least two to three years:

“I think that probably 2-3 years [of software support], certainly within the normal life-cycle that most people would own a phone [could be expected].”

Microsoft is set to end support for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 platforms in the second half of next year — normal going for the software titan as it usually only offers 18 months of software updates for its mobile operating systems.

And while Nokia is set to debut a new lineup of Windows Phone smartphones this years, it is nevertheless reassuring to see it set aside resources to provide updates to older devices.

Things like these differentiate between good and great — companies or otherwise.

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