Nokia Play To App Now Available On The Windows Store

One of the more fascinating applications that the Finnish telecommunication giant made available for download on it Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones is the Play To app.

The app recently received a new update that also sees it finally published on the Windows Phone Store.

Until now it was only available through the Nokia Beta Labs website, but the development team has finally decided it was time to remove the beta tag and push the final version of the popular app to the Windows Phone Store.

A post on the Nokia Beta Labs Blog shares the details:

“We are now happy to announce that PlayTo is now available in Store. All our Lumia WP8 based devices starting from Nokia Lumia 520 to Nokia Lumia 920 are supported. From the functionality point of view, no new features are introduced, but we have fixed lot of issues compared to the beta version.”

The team, however, acknowledges that there are still some unresolved problems in the app, and these will be fixed in a future update. One of these issues affects the Denon AVR, and another pertains to some other music receivers. The blog post continues:

“Please note that PS3 is not supported in this release, nor streaming content from the cloud.”

Nevertheless, the team announced that the Beta Labs forum is open for comments and feedback from users, and it also encourages them to share their thoughts on the application.

For the uninitiated, the Play To app provides Nokia Lumia owners with the possibility to easily send personal content (photos, audio and video) from their smartphone to DLNA capable devices that are connected to the same WiFi network.

The version of the Play To app is available here on the Windows Phone Store.

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