Nokia Rumored To Unveil A Windows 8 Tablet Soon

The chatter of a Nokia Windows 8 tablet is as old as when the Finnish telecommunication giant made the deal with Microsoft to partners on for Redmond’s mobile platform, Windows Phone.

If anything, rumors of a standalone Nokia tablet go way further than even this.

But years on, it seems that Nokia may finally be ready to lift the veil off of the first tablet PC in its illustrious lineup of devices. Word is that May 14 could finally be the lucky days both for fans of the company, and admirers of Microsoft’s new platform.

The company, as we have already covered, is all set to hold a very special press event in London.

Now it appears that the company is planning the launch of the tablet at this event — at least if we go by this particular claim that cites insider sources.

As far as specifics are concerned, the tablet is said to feature a 10.1-inch display with 1366 by 768 pixel resolution and powered by either Windows 8 or Windows RT. A multi-core 1GHz processor is reportedly paired with 1 GB of RAM, enough to make this a mid-level device.

The tablet is said to measure 256.6 x 175.3 x 9.7 mm, and weigh 676 grams.

Seems awfully peculiar, I can understand. Set aside the hardware (and software) for a moment, the timing of the even itself seems very awkward given the fact that Microsoft is already working on the first upgrade to Windows 8 that is due to hit store shelves this summer.

Oh, I guess we will find soon enough. May 14 is not all that far away, anyway.

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