Nokia Said To Be Working With Snapdragon 800 CPUs

The early anticipated Snapdragon 800 mobile CPU looks all set to go places once it is unleashed later this year. Qualcomm has put a lot of effort behind its upcoming quad-core chipset.

And several hardware vendors seem to be interested in this powerful SoC solution, including Nokia.

Recent rumors suggested that the Finnish smartphone maker has started working with quad-core processors for its upcoming Lumia devices, though nothing was officially confirmed.

Now, however, it seems that things are moving along on this track.

Nokia’s Developer website has been found to contain references to the upcoming Snapdragon 800 mobile processor, which is pretty much an unofficial confirmation that the company is indeed planning its inclusion in future Lumia smartphones, phablets, or even tablets.

In fact, Techtastic adds that most companies, including Nokia, only add hardware to the schema after using and testing it. This is another confirmation that the telecommunication giant is bringing this powerful chipset to its devices — along with the Adreno 330 GPU that accompanies it.

Obviously there is no telling on when such a handset gets officially announced.

But chances are that the company may introduce this with the refresh of its current Lumia lineup slated for later this year. Microsoft would be trying level best to introduce Windows Phone Blue by that time too, so as to create a powerful combination of hardware and software.

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