Nokia Shares the Highest They have Been Since April

sell strongly across the globe ever since their debut. It’s still a long road ahead, but Nokia is now reporting its highest stock price in eight months. Nokia’s share price is now at €2.934, up 5.92% from yesterday’s close of €2.770. So what’s bringing the change? Quite a few things. First of all, the Nokia Lumia 920 has done well in the US and the rest of the world. Second, they announced a new budget-oriented Nokia Lumia 620 that looks quite stunning for a low-cost device. Third, Nokia has joined up with China Mobile to bring the Nokia Lumia 920T. China represents a huge fiscal opportunity for Nokia if they can manage to make a big impact there with their Windows Phone 8 devices. The big question is what will happen next. Phones always do better when they are first announced, and it helps that Microsoft has had great advertising for the Nokia Lumia 920 in particular. What can Nokia do to keep the ball rolling? Obviously continued support for its phones is a good start, so is continued innovation and perhaps even the release a quad-core device later this year (we can dream, right?). Based on what we are currently seeing with Nokia Lumia 920 and other Nokia handsets, do you feel that Microsoft and Nokia can keep this momentum up or will things begin to slide backwards in 2013? Personally, I’m excited to see what happens and I truly believe Microsoft has a chance of solidifying its place as third place smartphone contender. [ source ]]]>

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