Nokia Tablet Patent Shows Up, Could a Nokia RT Tablet be Coming?

Would Nokia RT tablets appeal to anyone? Yes, Nokia has great software and hardware. Yes, even in their bad fiscal state they have fans. Still, I have a hard time thinking that anyone can compete in the Windows RT world against Microsoft’s Surface with a 10-inch design. The design of the surface is top-notch and the price is right on par with the 3rd-gen iPad. What would Nokia bring to the table? I like Nokia, don’t get me wrong. I just am uncertain how a company that has never built a tablet or used a tablet OS could possibly know what they are doing. Of course the same could be said for Microsoft, the Surface is their first tablet hardware and Windows 8 is their first real tablet OS. There is one area where I think Nokia RT could have merit though, a 7-inch design. We have yet to see or hear about any devices in this size range, and with Apple preparing their own 7-inch model, there is a lot of competition here. Some might argue that Windows 8 isn’t really fit for a smaller screen, I somewhat agree. Still, if anyone could pull off a 7-inch design I would bet on Nokia. If they did something like this it would set their tablets apart from other vendors and from the surface. If Nokia and Microsoft could achieve a $250-$300 price range, it could have some merit. What do you think? Will we ever see a Nokia tablet? If we do, is it possible it would be a 7-inch device? Source]]>

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