Nokia Thinking Of Including Active Bezels In Future Smartphones

report notes, bezels, the area surrounding the screen of cell phones are for the most part inactive. Sure they house buttons, sensors, volume rockers and whatnot, and allow users a better grip on the device. But a new patent (WO2014/029906A1) reveals that the company is looking to change this, allowing bezels to become active and include a series of feature. However, specific actions will need to be performed to make activate the bezels, and they can also be configured to stay active for only a period of time. The patent makes it clear that the device could also be configured to offer visual or haptic feedback of the bezel become active. Interesting development, and though there is no confirmation that Nokia will indeed include this technology in its future mobile devices, chances are that it might. At the very least it will add to its already impressive portfolio of mobile patents.]]>

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