Nokia To Hold A Press Event In London On May 14

Rumors have been running amok on what Nokia is cooking up next for its Lumia lineup. The Finnish giant now seems prepared to answer this question in a couple of weeks’ time at an event in London.

The company recently announced that it will be holding an elaborate press event on May 14 in the capital city of England — one that should officially unveil a few of its future products.

The folks over at TechnoBuffalo are reporting that they received an invite for the event set to begin at 10 AM local time (that makes it 5 AM Eastern and 2 AM Pacific), and will exclusively focus on the company’s Windows Phone lineup.

Meaning no low-budget Asha devices and the likes!

From the way things are looking, there is a fair chance that the company could finally reveal the Nokia Lumia 928 (a Verizon exclusive variant of the Lumia 920). An EOS smartphone with an extreme megapixel PureView camera that has long been rumored could also make its debut.

Same can be said for the light and glamorous Catwalk, a Nokia smartphone with an aluminum casing.

These are the three probable devices that could be in line for a reveal on May 14 — a day that promises much not just for Nokia, but also Microsoft and its Windows Phone mobile platform.

However, don’t hold your breath for a Lumia tablet. A showing cannot be totally overruled, but considering that the company itself said that the event will focus on Windows Phone devices, it is best to keep expectations in check.

In any case, this will very likely be the last major public event for Nokia’s current-generation Lumia devices. The Finnish telecommunication titan is all set to refresh its smartphones lineup in the summer with a bunch of new and enhanced Lumia smartphones.

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