Nokia Unveils Windows Phone 8 Storage Check App

Nokia is at it again. The most active of Windows Phone handset makers has just brought up something new (and very helpful) for Lumia smartphone owners running Windows Phone 8.

Dubbed Storage Check, the free app is designed to provide users with a better way to check the storage capacity of their phone. It is Windows Phone 8 exclusive for now, but a release on older version of the mobile platform cannot be ruled out.

The Finnish giant shared the news on its blog, with Samuli Hänninen, the Vice President of applications for Smart Devices saying in a prepared statement:

“We want to ensure that Nokia Lumia users receive the best and latest functionality for their smartphones, and we often deliver these as software updates or exclusive apps.

Storage Check helps people control what’s on their phones in a simple, fast and effective way.”

The app gives an immediate overview of everything that is taking up space on the phone, with a more detailed view just a right swap away.

Sure there is the default storage setting on Windows Phone devices, but this app aims to offer a fair amount of more information on exactly how much space items like emails, photos and music are taking up on the device. Plus it can also quickly delete temporary files.

And hey, it’s free — and coded with love.

Nokia is said to be adding the Storage Check app on all new Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones that leave the factory. It will also be available as a firmware update. Meaning, everyone can get their hands on the app in the near future.

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