Nokia’s Newest Ad Goes After Apple’s iPhone 5 Camera

Go back a few years and Nokia, along with the likes of Samsung was one of the few mobile phone makers that truly focused on great imaging on its mobile devices.

The highly advanced and highly competitive mobile phone field is no different.

Nokia, along with Samsung, Apple and HTC is often cited as the brands that offer the best smartphone cameras. Each new generation brings new advancements in imaging to ensure that the latest mobile devices offer the best cameras on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 925 and obviously, the Lumia 1020 are the absolutely best in this regard. The iPhone 5 rounds up the top five when it comes to camera quality.

Apple made a point of this when it released an advertisement a month or so back that boasted the fact that the iPhone 5 is the most used camera in the world. That interesting little video commercial emphasized the moments that were captured by the camera on the phone.

Now, Nokia has put up its own video that takes a jab at Apple, saying that they prefer quality, not quantity. The ad does a great job highlighting that the Lumia 925 is better than the iPhone 5, with side by side images of the two devices capturing the same moment.

You can watch the video below:

Obviously, considering the fact that the Lumia 925 is a newer device, while iPhone 5 is pretty much a year old smartphone, Nokia’s device bests the Apple phone in every shot.

This is a lengthy ad spot at 1 minute and 21 seconds, meaning little chance that it will show up on the television, but it is still worth a watch online.

What are your thoughts on Nokia’s new ad? Share them in the comments below.

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