Norton Antivirus Fights Back Against Windows 8 Competition

Norton Identity Safe in the Cloud “Protects personal and financial information from cybercriminals and keeps users safe from fraudulent websites. New streamlined interface, simplified login experience, and ability to store passwords in the cloud makes accessibility easy from any computer with Norton Internet Security 2012 installed.” Norton Management “New web-based functionality lets users manage their Norton products from anywhere in the world. Users can remotely add Norton products, manage security settings and update subscriptions, making it simple to check on the health of their devices or fix issues without needing to be there in person.” Norton Insight  “Norton’s exclusive reputation-based security technology leverages the anonymous software adoption patterns of millions of contributing Symantec users to automatically identify and block never before seen malicious software.” Download Insight “Checks every downloaded file for safety before installation and now provides users with additional data about the predicted stability of the application in their environment based on the stability experiences of millions of other Symantec users.” SONAR “Improved SONAR technology monitors running applications for suspicious behavior to quickly detect and disable previously unknown threats.” A New Norton User Experience     ” From the streamlined main user interface, Norton 2012 offers quick access to Norton Mobile Security Lite, Norton Cybercrime Index, Norton Online Family and website ratings service Norton Safe Web.” I think this may help Norton get its market share back up a little, but not much. Most smart phone users don’t really think about security right now, and besides, the only phones that really need to worry about security right now are Android based phones that use the Android app store. The reason for this being that Google lets any developer put whatever they want on the app store and it’s not as secure as the iOS app store or the new Windows app store that will come out with the final version of Windows 8. Even so, no other computer security company has really taken the initiative to get on the mobile platform so Norton will have the biggest market share in the mobile security market for consumers. Source 1 Source 2]]>

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