Notebook Makers Scrambling To Secure Touchscreens

If there is one thing that really defines Windows 8, it is the touch optimization of Microsoft’s newest operating system. Sadly, that is the very thing that seems to be hurting the OS.

Every once in a while there are some thing that become so popular that they suffer from a sudden spark in demand leading to material and component shortage.

Touchscreens are the latest to go through this phenomenon. The surge in demand seems to be having exactly this effect on hardware vendors and laptop manufacturers.

But this is, obviously, no big surprise for those who are aware how the hardware industry works.

According to a report over at DigiTimes, touch-enabled notebooks accounted for less than 10 percent of total shipments. This year, it is expected to grow to around 20 percent of all models — still nowhere near as much as Microsoft would have hoped for.

For this reason panels makes are devoting more of their production capacity to meet demand, even as large notebook manufacturers are placing security deposits to ensure smooth supply.

Nevertheless, through all this, touch panel makers are still not blindly expanding their capacities as they don’t want to risk oversupply. They seem to have taken cue from the recent DRAM fiasco whereby memory module prices fell to record lows due to increased supply and low demand.

And where does that leave Windows 8 on the laptops and ultrabooks? Analysts expect another slow year for touch enabled computer, with most manufacturers bringing out traditional laptops instead.

Luckily for Microsoft, the game is heating up on the tablets front — and about time too.

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