Notebook Shipment Numbers In Second Half Of The Year To Stay The Same

It goes without saying that notebook vendors are in a grim state of affairs. For the past year or two, overall sales of laptops have been on the decline, with devices like ultrabooks doing little to improve the situation.

And it was only a short while back when notebook makers and brand vendors pinned their hopes on the arrival of Haswell CPUs and Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system to lead to a new wave of interested in these devices.

But June is nearing its end, and with half the year almost gone, the notebook orders placed with manufacturers paints the same disappointing picture.

The latest is that notebook vendors and ODMs are going in with a conservative approach, since the amount of orders is smaller than original projected. Diving it by the two halve of the year, most expected the ratio to be 40:60 or at least 45:55, for the first and second half respectively.

Instead, now it is looking like 50:50 — and the figure may even slant slightly to the left.

Meaning, shipments numbers in the second half of the year will probably stay the same or even decline a little unless something drastically good happens. Sure, things may change in the busy fourth quarter of the year, but even that upsurge, market experts believe, will not change things too much.

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