Notepad Moves To The Microsoft Store

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A sign of things to come? Microsoft, continuing its quest to modernize all its apps, has made a decision to move the classic Notepad application to the Store.

This is an app that has been a staple of the OS for a very long time

Ever since Windows 1.0, as a matter of fact, when it was released on that fine day in 1985.

And over the years, this program was updated with every release of Windows, whether via new features or improved user interface. Last time Microsoft gave it a look was in the most recent release of the operating system, the May 2019 Update.

But the thing is, since this program is tied to the OS, any features, fixes and improvements warrant an operating system update — similar to the case of the Edge web browser before it was freed from its shackles due to the engine change to Chromium.

Now that Note pad has been moved to the Microsoft Store, the software titan can update it like any other app that the repository houses.

The software giant actually made this change with build 18963 of the operating system that was made available for testing to Insiders in the Fast Ring of the preview program last week.

Microsoft Store Windows Notepad

And soon enough, the Notepad app made an appearance on the Microsoft Store.

You can check out its listing below. But for now, not a whole lot has changed when you install the app from the Store. This is an initial release after all, designed to make the app independent from Windows updates.

Oh, and installing the app from its Store listing will not be possible unless you are enrolled in the Fast Ring of the Windows Insider Program.

Still, give it a looksie below.

Download: Windows Notepad

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