November Update Breaks Down PCs Running Avast

November 24, 2014

released November Update (also known as Windows 8.1 Update 3). Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1 and Window Server 2012 are all in. And in most cases, the main source of the problems was not the hefty patch itself, but the Avast Antivirus program. Computers failed to boot or install other fixes, and the only workaround was to completely uninstall Avast software. An AVAST spokesperson confirmed the problem:

“We have been able to simulate the problem in our lab and I think we fixed this issue. This Windows updates calls new memory related functions which are not fully compatible with Avast.”
A new fix is available for users of the antivirus and Internet Security solution, however, it too is not totally reliable, in the sense that some people are still experiencing the same problems. Seems like both AVAST and Microsoft will need to get together and clear this up. The November 2014 update rollup for Windows 8.1 brings along a significant pack of improvements for the platform, including additional hardware support, refreshed language packs, along with enhancements to manageability. It is available for download now via Windows Update, though if you are a user of AVAST products, it is perhaps best to delay the deployment until this issue is truly rectified.]]>

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