Now Google is looking at buying Yahoo too?

Microsoft possibly trying to acquire a stake in Yahoo. The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Google may also be looking at acquiring a substantial stake in the former search engine giant Yahoo. This would be substantially more difficult for Google because of the obvious potential antitrust implications. Google currently has about 65% of the search engine market and if you throw in Yahoo’s 15%…. From the article:

Google Inc. has talked to at least two-private equity firms about potentially assisting them to finance a deal to buy Yahoo Inc.’s core business according to a person familiar with the matter, and did not identify the source. Google and prospective partners have held early-stage discussions, but haven’t assembled a formal proposal. The source said Google may not end up pursuing a bid. A spokeswoman for Mountain View, Calif.-based Google declined to comment to The Associated Press. A spokeswoman for Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Yahoo said the company doesn’t comment “on rumor or speculation.”
With all the talks going on at this pace, it’s pretty clear that one way or another, Yahoo is toast.  ]]>

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