Now they are speculating that Bill Gates will come back…

Thurrott speaks his mind about him and now Fortune is speculating that Bill Gates may come back. I personally think that it’s a bunch of crap. Bill is still the richest guy in the world and is working on more serious issues. After watching people in the third world die of Malaria and hunger etc, it’s my guess that he has a slightly different opinion about what’s really important. I think that Bill Gates would be like stupid to come back and take the helm. There is literally no upside to it. Here’s literally what would happen. He would come back and the markets would go crazy and it would be great……until it wasn’t. He would make some mistake that people would take as a sign that he was too old or he “doesn’t get it”. Then we would be writing crap about him as he faced the REAL problems that Microsoft are facing today. What’s the upside? Besides, he has all the benefits of the position without the baggage today. Does anyone think that if Bill Gates really felt passionate about a direction that Microsoft was going in he couldn’t make one phone call and make his vision happen? My guess is, he cares about Microsoft because it will always be his baby but his baby is an adult now. That adult can make decisions by itself and while he may have some concerns, I don’t think he will alter his life for MSFT again. Let me say that Ballmer has done some gutsy stuff and is trying to take the company to the next level. There may be CEO’s who can do a better job than Steve Ballmer but I seriously doubt that Bill Gates is that CEO. What say you?]]>

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