Now This Is A Lumia 1530 Concept Done Truly Right

Microsoft has left a lot of fans hanging when it comes to flagship smartphones, and until we hear news of those, this Lumia 1530 concept should tide you by.

Or probably not.

Regardless, it’s a nicely conceived and designed interpretation of a Lumia phablet. DeviantArt user Sujau worked on this one, and has incorporated not just hardware features, but a few solid software options as well for Microsoft’s mobile platform.

It is, of course, based on the Lumia 1520, and offers the same 6-inch screen powered by a gigantic battery and 2GB of memory under the hood.

But over it, the concept improves upon the original design with a small bezel that makes the display feel even bigger. Throw in a fingerprint reader and a stylus hidden at the bottom of the device, and you’ve got yourself a very capable phablet.

Or large screen phone, if you will.

The color choices on these concepts are, shall we say, rather wild. On the whole though, it does not take too many liberties in terms of hardware, offering the same thin cuboid of fun that most Lumia devices are known for.

Remains to be seen just what kind of physical body changes Microsoft implements in its newer flagship devices once it gets around to launching them.

Expect plenty of concepts until that happens, though.

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