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NVIDIA Brings Quadro Virtual Workstations To Azure

NVIDIA here with the goods! The graphics giant has announced that its Quadro Virtual Machine Workstations are now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Shortened as vWS, these enable organizations to run high-end graphics applications in the cloud.

Businesses can use any of the cloud graphics processing units available to them for this, both high-end and mid-level GPUs like the P100, V100, P4 or P40. In terms of numbers, this means that the Quadro vWS can use NVIDIA Tesla GPUs with 24GB of frame buffer per GPU.


Talal Alqinaw, senior director of Microsoft Azure, on this:

“We’re focused on delivering the best and broadest range of GPU-accelerated capabilities in the public cloud. NVIDIA Quadro vWS expands customer choice of GPU offerings on Azure to bring powerful professional workstations in the cloud to meet the needs of the most demanding applications from any device, anywhere.”

Worth a mention that Microsoft’s own Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure also supports the Quadro vWS on Tesla GPU. The cloud giant has lately been focused on bringing forth virtual desktops and enabling graphics processing units for them.

As these are in high demand in a number of industries, including areas like architecture, entertainment, oil and gas, as well as manufacturing.

For NVIDIA, though, this offering allows it to pitch solutions where cloud users can easily spin up workstations as and when needed. All the underlying infrastructures, including software and driver updates, are managed by the company.

You can find out more details about this new offering here.

Including a free trial.

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