Nvidia CEO Admits Windows RT isn’t doing as well as it hoped, believes Outlook is the answer

At the moment, the only Microsoft mail client for Windows RT is the Mail Modern app. Earlier this year, rumors hit the Internet that Microsoft was indeed working on a project that would bring an Outlook client to Windows RT but there’s apparently some debate on launching the project to the public. We suspect that the “Outlook God” in Redmond is getting a lot of messages from Huang to make Outlook on Windows RT a reality.

We’ve heard more than one manufacturer admit that Windows 8 or even Windows RT isn’t doing as well as they had hoped, that includes Samsung, who has had more than one negative thing to say about Windows 8 and has essentially abandoned RT.
Now NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has chimed in, saying that, “We expected to have sold more than we did”. Even though Windows RT isn’t doing so well, NVIDIA doesn’t throw in the towel just yet.

Instead, Huang said that he felt that they will eventually get things right with Windows RT because “It’s too important not to get right. It won’t be the largest part of Tegra, but it will be a large part, I think.”
Furthermore Haung says he has been praying to the “Outlook God” that Microsoft releases an actual Outlook client for Windows RT.

Huang added, “I know there are smart people up there who are going to unleash the dragons of Outlook on the millions of consumers who are just waiting with bated breath for a very, very thin PC with long battery life that’s Outlook compatible.” “All hail the Outlook God.”

He didn’t end there, finally saying:

“[Outlook] would make my life complete. My life would be complete. I don’t know about you guys but I would need nothing else. I am one Outlook away from computingnirvana and I just hoping he is listening now. Outlook God, please.”

For now, all that the Modern UI has from Microsoft is the Mail app. There have been rumors of an Outlook client, but it hasn’t happened just yet. What do you think, will Microsoft eventually get Windows RT right? Additionally, is the existence of a modern Outlook app that important to Microsoft’s success with Windows RT and Windows 8?

Honestly – I think it would help, but Microsoft needs to also work hard to give us real reasons to get a Windows RT device. The battery might be a LITTLE better, it might be a LITTLE lighter, but is that really enough? I’m not so sure, though I will admit that Windows RT does have its fans and there are people out there that could care less about the idea of Windows desktop legacy apps. I just am not one of them. To each there own I suppose.

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