Nvidia CEO Believes Windows RT Computers Will Be Wonderful

It is obviously hard to expect anything else from the CEO of a graphics company whose solution (Tegra 3) powers the Surface RT, but it is still nice to hear words like these, particularly with an army of naysayers already expressing their doubts on the platform.

According to report on ZDNet, Nvidia’s head, Jen-Hsun Huang believes this section of the market is too important for Redmond to overlook. His comment follows Nvidia’s Q4 earning report:

“I believe in tablets wholeheartedly. And it’s an area, it’s a segment of the marketplace that we are going to continue to invest in and be quite successful in. Win RT — I believe it is essential, strategically essential for Microsoft to be on all of the major processors in the world, surely the highest volume processor in the world, as a software company, and an operating system company. It’s a market they can’t afford to ignore. And so, Win RT is surely going to be an important area for them.”

More than a few technology circles have their doubts on which category to place the tablet form factor in, or whether to label them as a full featured PC. But Huang is of the view that Microsoft’s efforts will soon pave the way for a wonder computing device powered by the RT version of Windows:

“Now, whether people see Win RT as a consumer tablet or as a PC is yet to be determined. But at the very minimum, if you extrapolate it forward by a few years, it’s hard to imagine how Win RT can’t possibly, won’t possibly be a wonderful PC. We know exactly what it feels like on top of a Tegra 4, and it rocks. It’s fantastic. And so, Win RT I think will be successful as well. Microsoft will have no choice but to continue to invest in it, and it’s a great company. They will do something great with it.”

Interestingly, the CEO of Nvidia thinks that Microsoft will become a major player in the tablet market, not necessarily an absolute winner — unsurprising with tough competition like iOS and Android.

What the near future holds for Windows RT remains to be seen, but this flavor of Microsoft’s operating system is on track to take its place alongside other mobile operating systems that focus on portability.

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