NVIDIA Ends Driver Support For 32-Bit Windows

It is time. 32-bit Windows and, well even other operating systems, have been around for a long while now, and showing little signs of slowing down. NVIDIA, however, thinks that their time has come.

The graphics card maker has announced that version 390 will be its last driver update for 32-bit OSes.

Everything from Windows to Linux.

As of right now, 32-bit versions of these operating systems are still getting GeForce Game Ready Driver updates. Including the likes of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and various flavors of Linux, along with FreeBSD.

But NVIDIA said in a recent announcement that despite these bug fixes and new features not being released for these operating platforms, security patches will continue to be shipped for a while further.

At least, until January 2019.

The company explains:

“After Release 390, NVIDIA will no longer release drivers for 32-bit operating systems for any GPU architecture. Later driver release versions will not operate, nor install, on 32-bit operating systems. Driver enhancements, driver optimizations, and operating system features in driver versions after Release 390 will not be incorporated back into Release 390 or earlier versions.”

NVIDIA ending support for 32-bit versions of Windows is by no means the end of the world, as the gaming industry is dominated by 64-bit hardware and software.

Nevertheless, there are customers that will be impacted by this decision, and for them it is time to start planning their upgrades in order to receive benefits from the latest driver improvements. The most they will get now are security updates, so that their systems are fully protected, and vulnerabilities patched.

The age of 32-bit operating systems is nearing its end.

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