NVIDIA GeForce MX450 In The House

GeForce MX450

And soon to be in next generation ultrabooks. NVIDIA, feeling the heat from what Intel is cooking, has announced the GeForce MX450 chip that will find home in upcoming thin and light devices.

Based on the Tiger Lake platform, for instance.

Those of you unfamiliar with the MX line of GPUs, think of them as the step up from the integrated graphics solutions found in most devices. These are primarily meant for ultrabooks so that these expensive machines can deliver fairly respectable gaming performance.

Well, respectable is not going to cut it once Intel officially jumps in the GPU game.

The chip giant has been working on its own dedicated GPU, and while that graphics card is a while away and set for launch next year, the technology is all set to trickle down to the next generation of Intel processors that are on track to be announced next month.

To counter these, NVIDIA has announced the MX450 today, promising that it will begin shipping in laptops this October.

This is interesting because the MX350 has not even been out that long. But with Intel about to unveil the Tiger Lake lineup in September, there was no better time than now for NVIDIA to make things official.

The GeForce MX450 does have some notable improvements over its predecessor, in that it is built on the new Turing architecture rather than the Pascal that the previous series was based on. These new graphics card also offer GDDR6 memory, though an option for GDDR5 remains.

Intel is already promising some solid graphics improvements with its Xe architecture. And this new update for the MX series is likely to provide a modest boost in graphics power to that.

We’ll find out shortly.

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