NYPD Ready To Ditch 36,000 Useless Windows Phones

Ouch! It was a year and half back, almost to this day that the NYPD made it official that it was issuing some 36,000 new Windows phones to its officer in the field.

This was part of its $160 million NYPD Mobility Initiative, in conjunction with Microsoft, which Mayor Bill de Blasio hailed as a step into the 21st century.

Well, now the New York Police Department is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, as the organization has made the decision to dump these Windows 10 Mobile powered devices for iPhones by the end of the year.

Back then the move to Microsoft’s mobile OS was called a major success. But it is clear that the recent lack of investment and focus from the company on its mobile platform means that the department now sees the phones as obsolete.

Useless, they call them.

Part of the reason for this is because these devices can no longer be upgraded.

Interestingly, some inside the department are blaming Jessica Trish, the Deputy IT Commissioner for the NYPD for not getting a panel of experts to oversee the whole process. She spearheaded this project that begun in October 2014, but the move was met with general confusion soon after.

The New York Police Department uses the Lumia 830 and the 640 XL, and these are now all set to be replaced by the Apple iPhone handsets.

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