October 2018 Update Delay Is Affecting Hardware Vendors

The deafening silence from Microsoft regarding the October 2018 Update delay may be unprecedented, but effects of the delay are also far and wide reaching.

Not only are consumers affected by it, but hardware manufacturers are also feeling the heat.

This rough road from Redmond began on October 2 when the company confidently skipped over an entire ring of testing and released this major new update to the OS to the public. The update was unceremoniously removed four days later due to a number of issues.

Issues that kept on piling.

From files being delated to problems when extracting ZIP files and a handful of other bugs.

Anyways, as noted, hardware vendors are also being significantly affected by these delays. For starters, it is causing devices to ship with software that doesn’t actually support the hardware on those machines.

As an example, Windows 10 version 1809 adds support for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 chipsets along with the 9th generation Intel Core processors.

Unfortunately, the devices on the market that use these chips like the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 and the Lenovo Yoga C630 are all still shipping with Windows 10 version 1803. All that to say, OEMs are using the older version of the OS that is very much untested.

And they are counting on Microsoft to fix things.

Sure, when Windows 10 version 1809 does arrive, the performance and stability on these devices will improve. But until then, the future is shaky.

Another issue is, obviously, with the marketing and promotional material of these machines. The companies can’t say that the device ships with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update if it is shipping with the April 2018 Update.

Fingers crossed, these issues get resolved soon and have this new version of the OS ready for public consumption.

The rollout is not all that far off, as the main issues that have been reported are fixed and are in testing.

This upcoming week may well see some hot action.

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