October 2018 Update Pulled Due To Serious Issues

Head for the hills, folks! Microsoft has paused the rollout of the October 2018 Update, the latest version of the operating system, following widespread reports by files being deleted and data being lost.

During installation.

This makes this new version of the OS one of the most troublesome releases in recent times, making the decision of releasing it without testing it in the Release Preview ring of the Windows Insider Program all the more baffling.

As the name makes clear, this is a channel made for exactly the purpose of finding and fixing issues like this before new updates for Windows 10 are rolled out for general users.

As noted on the Windows 10 update history page, Microsoft has temporarily paused the update as it investigates isolated issues of user files going missing after the deployment of this update.

Anyway, the story goes that many users found that they lost their data as a result of installing the October 2018 Update. The clearest way to check is to simply head over to the Documents folder and seeing if your files are there.

If not, then you are one of the unfortunate ones to be affected.

Thankfully, your data may be recoverable, as the bug that is causing the issues deletes your files but does not move or overwrite them. That is to say, third-party recovery software might be able to recover them for you.

In the meantime, the company also recommends users not to install the October 2018 Update, even if they have downloaded it manually. More so, as there are a few other quality control issues in the mix.

Here’s hoping Redmond is able to figure out what exactly the problem is, fix the issue and resume the rollout soon.

What a way to end the week, eh?

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