October Update Messes Up Windows 10 App Defaults

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Of all the bugs that are wreaking havoc on Windows 10, this one may be the most annoying. The resetting of app defaults issue is back, and in full flow with the October 2018 Update.

Admittedly, users of the modern version of the OS are no stranger to this.

Windows 10 has a habit of resetting the default applications that open certain files or links with pretty much every new major update that makes its way out the Redmond walls — so much so that many people are prepared for a reset of their settings while they deploy an update.

However, as Microsoft notes on its Windows support site, there is a bug running amok.

One that has some users unable to set Win32 program defaults for certain files using the Open with… command or via Settings > Apps > Default apps panel.

According to the software titan, this bug may affect many of the traditional desktop programs, including the good old Notepad. Looks like a fairly widespread issue, this, as usually only the widely report bugs get acknowledged in this fashion.

In any case, Redmond reveals that a fix may be coming in late November 2018, suggesting that a new patch or cumulative update for the October 2018 Update will launch this week.

Bring it on!

In the meantime, do let us know if you noticed this bug on Windows 10? And has it affected how you use your system and your installed applications?

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