Official Twitter Windows 8 App Finally Arrives

Although several third-party solutions are available on the Windows Store, most users were still keeping an eye out for the official Twitter client for Windows 8 and RT.

The wait is finally over, as the social network has just unveiled its native Windows 8 app.

On early look the app seems perfectly function, though nothing special — particularly when you put it up against others (free and paid solutions) like Rowi and MetroTwit. Still the app seems decent enough for a first release and fingers crossed it is regularly updated with new features.

Twitter has historically been notoriously slow to update its apps. The official Windows Phone 8 Twitter app was left in the dark for many months, before finally receiving an update earlier this year.

While the design may seem lacking to some, the strongest feature of the app is its Snap view, allowing for the ability to drag the app to a part of the screen while focusing on another task. The Share charm can also be put to good use making tweeting images and text a breeze.

It also offers live notifications for every Twitter activity.

All things considered, this is also good news for Microsoft. The Redmond based technology giant really need this and will hope others will follow with official applications for its fledging new platform.

Check it out on the link above, and let others know if you tried it in the comments below.

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