OK, so enough is enough, let's talk Nokia Lumia US sales

Nokia‘s (NOK) “Lumia 900,” the smartphone developed with Microsoft (MSFT), and which went on sale a few weeks ago exclusively at AT&T (T), is “selling at a run rate in excess of 1 million units for Q2, 2012,” writes Jamie Townsend with Town Hall Investment Research today in a note to clients. Source or

The Lumia 900 became the top seller at Amazon Wireless and Shakers list with the cyan variant boasting 394 percent growth in first few days. It then outperformed the sales of iOS and Android devices in other retail stores. Now Nokia Lumia 900, especially the Cyan handset, has gone out of stock on AT&T and Amazon. Source
But some interesting qualification:
Nokia won’t talk hard Lumia 900 sales numbers until its earnings call this summer at the earliest. But after hearing rampant reports of depleted stock of the new phone, we decided to do some sniffing around. We talked to salespeople at 36 AT&T stores in major malls around the country, and where we learned that generally, they had sold out within the first couple of days after the phone’s launch. The phone is “doing pretty fabulous” one Illinois rep said. They’re “selling like crazy,” an Ohio employee boasted. A Philadelphia location was the sole spot that said it hadn’t sold out at all. But these overly-positive statements deserve some qualification. The problem? None of the stores had many Lumia 900s to begin with. Locations that had been cleaned out only started with three or four of each color, and reinforcements have apparently been scarce. So, to say the phone is doing well is rather relative. On the other hand, the 900 has been the top seller on AmazonWireless pretty much since it came out. So there are plenty of phones to be had, just not at brick and mortars. Source
I for one am tired of hearing how good this phone is doing without HARD numbers about demand in the United States. I have a nagging suspicion that the US sales haven’t been that great but I can’t prove that. What do you think? Based on what you’ve seen so far, how is the Nokia Lumia line doing in the US?]]>

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