Older Skype Desktop Versions For Windows And Mac To Be Retired

promised some modern features for the desktop Skype software last month. Desktop versions on both Windows and Mac, by the way. And following this official confirmation is the news that these older versions are to be retired over the next few months. Here is the legitimate word on this:

“As we look ahead to the future, we‘re focusing our efforts on bringing the latest and greatest to the most recent versions of Skype. As a result, we are going to retire older versions of Skype for Windows desktop (6.13 and below) as well as Skype for Mac (6.14 and below) over the next few months.”
Meaning, users should upgrade to the newest versions if they want to continue using Skype without disruptions. As of this writing, development continues on the refreshed desktop client. And the company also took this opportunity to tease the fact that some great new experiences for Skype are on the way. More details should be with us soon.]]>

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