One CTO says Windows 8 is GREAT for Businesses and Will Upgrade As Soon As Possible

popped up claiming that not that many businesses were interested in making the plunge to the new touch-oriented Windows 8. While this might seem like grim news, Microsoft understands that the new OS is vastly different and that not everyone will except it right away. That being said, it seems that at least one reasonably-sized business doesn’t feel that way and is moving 4,000 PCs over to Windows 8 as fast as possible. Okay, so take this with a grain of salt. Why? The CTO who is claiming that his company is making the move asked Business Insider to keep him and his company’s name out of the article. The reason why is because his employer hasn’t authorized him to speak about his company’s technology strategy. Okay, so 4,000 PCs are moving over to the newest version of OS, but why? The same reason that many of us in the techie world are embracing the OS on our desktops and laptops, and no it’s not the new start screen. Windows 8 is so much faster than Winodws 7. The CTO says that his tests show apps ran 15-20% faster on Windows 8 and that this was the compelling reason for the upgrade. The CTO says that businesses are foolish for not jumping at the chance to see such a major speed upgrade by merely buying some reasonably priced software. According to the CTO, about 1000 of their machines are relatively new run on Windows 7 and will be upgraded in time– though probably not right away. As for another 4,000, they are rather old and will be decommissioned and replaced with the Surface Pro. Having that ability to have both a solid workstation that can also be used as a truly mobile device seemingly appeals to this company. One of the big concerns with Windows 8 is that the learning curve is steep. This unnamed CTO says that this is true and that training will be a factor. That being said, the company in question is interested in the mobile aspects of Windows and Windows tablets and figures that the training for Windows 8 would be no harder than teaching employees how to use alternatives such as the iPad. If the report from this CTO is accurate, it helps refute the idea that all businesses are against the change that comes with Windows 8. Windows 8 might be a different animal, but when it comes to overall performance, it is an animal that blows away Windows 7 by a longshot. What do you think of Windows 8 and the change that has come with it? Have you warmed up to the new UI yet? [ source ]]]>

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