One In Seven Users Still Unaware Of Windows XP’s End

Even with the continuing efforts of Microsoft to convince businesses and users to move away from the 11-year-old operating system, Windows XP remains the second most popular version of Windows.

As far as unofficial statistics go, the classic OS is losing market share, but at a very slow pace.

A new survey conducted by UK application migration specialist Camwood and published by The Register shows that 1 in 7 Windows XP users are still unaware that Microsoft will kill off Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Most analysts warn that the transition to a new platform will not be complete by this deadline.

Kevin van Heerden, the head of software at Camwood said:

“Windows XP is the hackers port of call in terms of trying to get a foot hold and establish botnets. They are opening themselves up to risk. It’s like letting your car insurance expire – the car won’t stop working, but you are exposed to a lot of risk.”

While 15 percent of users are in the dark of Windows XP’s discontinuation, 32 percent of those that are aware of the fact that Microsoft is gearing up to pull the plug off the old operating system are yet to begin the transition to a newer platform.

Keeping in mind the fact that almost all business and enterprise upgrades are performed at a slow pace, market watchers believe that many users will still run Windows XP even after the 2014 deadline.

And this, in of itself, could be a potential security nightmare for all involved.

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