One Million Surface Pro Tablets Being Readied For Launch

With the February 9 release date fast approaching, Surface with Windows 8 Pro is almost ready for action. While most industry circles expect the tablet to sell better than its RT version, Microsoft is taking things easy, it seems.

According to latest reports, Microsoft is only planning an initial shipment volume of one million units.

The folks over at Digitimes citing sources from the upstream supply chain (production companies and equipment manufacturers) claim that Redmond has set its sights on one million units for this initial launch phase.

This makes it a figure that is three million units lower than it prepared in October last year for the Surface RT, though keeping in mind the low demand that demand was slashed in half as well.

So then, it went from four million to two for Surface RT, and now a clean one million for Pro.

Of course, no word from Microsoft in this regard (foolhardy to expect otherwise), but while the company hopes and expects this new device to become a market success, it is very clear that Redmond plans on taking things one step at a time.

The first step here is the launch and then convincing businesses and the corporate sector to embrace the new tablet. In a market clearly dominated by iPad and Android tablets, the Surface Pro is Microsoft’s best bet to make inroads.

And no one is more aware of this fact than Redmond itself.

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