OneDrive Automatic Folder Protection Now Available

Available to all, that is to say. Microsoft has started rolling out the automation folder protection feature for OneDrive for all users. This was previously a business only option.

But since Redmond means business, it has made it available for everyone.

A company spokesperson confirmed the rollout saying:

“This is a new feature we started rolling out broadly this week that is now available to OneDrive users with personal accounts.”

You may actually recall that the software titan announced a bunch of new features for OneDrive at its SharePoint Conference in May of this year. These included additions like Team site automount, External sharing reports, Ownership transfer for deleted users and Known folder move.

All fancy names, and all aimed at business users.

However, the final piece of the puzzle is the one in question.

Called Known folder move, it is also known simply as folder protection. And it helps users by automatically moving the Documents, Desktop and Pictures folders to the OneDrive cloud storage service to ensure that users have a backup of their important data in case they lose it locally.

Here is a screenshot showing this new feature in action:

OneDrive Automatic Protection

This handy new feature also keeps folders in sync, in case users have multiple Windows 10 devices. They can also make manual backups — should come in really useful for folks who frequently save their important files and data in these three abovementioned folders.

However, as Microsoft notes there are some limitations to this feature like the inability to backup Outlook database files and OneNote files.

Luckily, there is also the Auto Save option that lets users automatically back up pictures and videos when they connect a camera or phone to their PC, as well as screenshots that they capture on their computer.

Overall, neat functionality, this. One that improves upon the already excellent backup capabilities that Microsoft has available on its cloud service.

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